Ruth Abigail – Age 10 – Honduras – Needs Wheelchair

Ruth Abigail was born with hydrocephalus. These pictures in the family circle are authentic and honest.

A letter from Honduras:

Hi son and daughter.
The testimony is about a little 10 year old girl who was born with a water head and and serious kidney disease. She has to be in a wheelchair. Her catheter has to changed 3 times every day and her parents are really poor. One lady from Germany donated 1,000 catheters and other friends have been working with her. But now her wheel chair is broken. So she is praying for a new wheel chair. In spite of her situation she is a very happy girl and actually tries to encourage everyone around her. She was baptized two years ago and loves the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers. She lives in El Suyatal, Honduras. Her name is Ruth Abigail.

Love, daddy


February 15th, 2017 by