Lord's Grace Orphanage
February 28th, 2017 by Basic Needs


You can change the life of those who have no hope

These orphans, need and without our help many of these orphans may not make it to adulthood. Right now these children have no food they are going to sleep hungry. We try to do our very best with trying to take care of them.

The Lord has sent us to You , believe You are watching this Video for A reason , I pray you respond positive and stand with us to help 218 Orphan needy Children to still have a home , have a school
I say onto You that if You stand with us , I promise the Lord Gonna stand with You in your needs
Your life
Make a Donation today
Click PayPal.me/lordsgraceorphanage
Let God has well start working in our life

Do not hesitate to make a Donation
I know you feel it in your heart break a every thing that is stopping you in making a Donation

See the video Here


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